In a career spanning more than 100 Grands Prix, Romain Grosjean has experienced the highs of reaching the podium several times and the lows of facing heavy criticism from his fellow drivers for his on-track behaviour. From fascinating insight into working with a sports psychologist to the reality of racing as a father of three, the Haas driver shares his story in this week's Beyond The Grid, presented by Bose.
Here's some topics discussed in this week's episode: 

5m 20s – On getting into racing
13m 00s – On nearly quitting racing to become a chef
18m 31s – On being team mate to both Alonso and Raikkonen
20m 15s - On those controversial first lap incidents in Spa and Suzuka in 2012 and going to a sports psychologist
29m 50s – On having kids as an F1 driver
34m 11s – On joining Haas
40m 25s – On life away from F1

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