Charlie Hunnam surveyed his picturesque surroundings as he prepared to shoot scenes on the set of forthcoming Netflix drama Triple Frontier on Thursday afternoon.The British actor was joined by co-stars Oscar Isaac and Garrett Hedlund during a welcome break on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where principal photography began in late March.Making their way across a low bridge, the three actors looked relaxed as they passed the time between takes on the tropical exterior set.Leading the way, Charlie, 38, was dressed in character as one of five friends who reunite to overthrow a notorious South American drug lord – with potentially devastating consequences.With Oahu – Hawaii’s third largest island – used as a convenient local substitute for Brazil, where much of the script is set, a cast-member was seen guiding a baggage-laden mule in their wake.Ben Affleck, who initially withdrew from the project citing personal reasons during a stuttering pre-production, was not present as they took a break between scenes.J.C.Chandor is directing the Mark Boal-penned drama, which is being produced by Charles Roven, Alex Gartner, and Andy Horwitz.But it has been beset by problems, with original cast members Mahershala Ali pulling out over scheduling issues and Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum walking away from the profect at the eleventh hour.Paramount Pictures, in the midst of a managerial overhaul following the departure of studio chief  Brad Grey, later dropped the film over a growing reluctance to develop another political crime drama.According to Deadline, 'Netflix took on the picture after Paramount let go of it after Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum dropped out weeks before production was to begin.' Affleck has since returned to spearhead the project after undergoing treatment for alcohol abuse.The script was originally written by Mark Boal for his Hurt Locker partner Kathryn Bigelow to direct.The film takes its title from its setting in the infamous border zone of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, however, that area has become less dangerous since the movie was originally penned.Chandor has updated the script in recent years, and the picture will shoot in Hawaii, Colombia, and California. 


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