Greta is calling for the 2018 Climate Strike to be held Dec. 14th. See info here: https://www.school-strike.net
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They told us that there’s this thing called climate change and that it’s a very serious threat against our future. The more I learned about it, the more I thought: ‘If this is so serious, why don’t we talk about it, and try to solve it, all the time?’ The politics that’s needed to prevent the climate catastrophe—it doesn’t exist today. We need to change the system, as if we were in crisis, as if there were a war going on. Our lives are in your hands. To all the newspapers who still don’t write about and report on climate change even though they said that the climate was “the critical question of our time” when the Swedish forests were burning this summer, this is a cry for help. - Greta Thunberg, klimatradikal (Climate Radical) ➡️ You too can become a Climate Change Activist ➡️ TAKE ACTION WeDontHaveTime.org & 350.org / You Can Follow @GretaThunberg on Twitter (( #ClimateStrike )) See Links Below #KlimatStrejk #FridaysForFuture #WeDontHaveTime #ClimateAction #ThisIsZeroHour 


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